Aesthetic prophilaxis: the elements of the utopias written in Atlantis can be found in the present; but the knowledge of the boats rebuilt on the open sea is solely genetic from the coasts.

Towards Media Research

Researching on the history of MR, we soon reach a point after which everything is shrouded in mystery. Anomalies that are to be found in certain fields of culture, though, unanimously point to the fact that the existing of an entity like MR is a necessity. As is widely known, the manifest appearance of the group was preceded by a latent presence, similar to hibernation. Activation in the hibernated state, surprisingly, can be described in terms of conspiratory activity only. The question which both sympathizers and critics asked sounded: what or who caused the state of hibernation and the awakening from it? Those who know the answer, stubbornly refuse the theory of conspiracy, thus it remains unanswered why the members of the group usually appear in relations surprising even for themselves. Vernissages, scarcely visited night clubs; dreary terminals of international airports; college lecture rooms; unexpected TV programs that can barely named; casinos; the silence of homesteads with no electricity; film stripes in archives; highway picnic areas; computer monitors left switched on; the stages of international conferences; line in front of pawn-shops; museums before closing; the turmoil of shootings; the company of those thrown out of parties; the display windows of sex shops; search rooms of border stations; the thick smoke of literary cafes; stills of music videos; the analyses of existentialist possibilities (Daseinsmoeglichkeiten); the dustiest shelves of second-hand book shops; cafeterias and bathrooms in libraries and museums; dance floors and private homes in various cities; cabs; the minutes of kicking out time of shopping centers; Media Research meetings; embassy receptions turned inside out; dull tables in national restaurants; stages and auditoriums of concert halls; compilations of theories long ago denied; the seat of bicycle struggling in sleet; shower rooms of tennis courts; the steam of saunas; the direct environment of copy machines; TV rooms of ferries; among oil puddles below printing machines - these are the places where the members of MR can be found. The one, who after all this, poses another question considering the tasks of the group will - when glaring into the mirror - read from his own teary eyes the following: "The endless row of commas dividing the lists should be considered a tape."

Media Research (Gábor Bora, János Sugár) 1991