Media Research existed in various forms prior to officially becoming a Foundation in 1990. The founding members were Gábor Bora, Aesthetician; András Böröcz, Sculptor; Miklós Peternák, Art historian; László Révész, Artist, Filmmaker; János Sugár, Artist, Filmmaker; and Katalin Timár, Art historian. The group comprised a unique wealth of expertise, with each member being an expert in his or her respective field.
Originally, the group was formed to create a shared environment for the exchange of ideas, focusing on gaining knowledge and insight concerning the impact of new technology on society and the Arts. The Media Research Foundation has, since then, concentrated its efforts on the promotion of both the theoretical and practical aspects of new technology, and the cultural applications that emerge.
During its six years of existence, the Media Research Foundation has been active in three different areas, including participation in Art exhibitions, establishment of the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, and actively cooperating with the Intermedia, i.e.. obtaining support in the form of hardware and equipment, presenting international lecturers, etc.
In addition to these activities, the Media Research Foundation has continuously organized, meetings, symposiums and events in an effort to educate the public about the impact of new technology on culture and society. Among the more significant events, were "The Media Were With Us", "Linz- Ars Electronica Presents Itself", "MetaForum 94'" and "MetaForum II."
The Media Were With Us, a cooperation with the Mucsarnok, and the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts, which took place in April of 1990 and dealt with the role of television in the Romanian revolution. It was the first event to analyze a current event from the perspective of the media to take place in Hungary, and included leading international media theoreticians (Vilém Flusser, Peter Weibel, Margaret Morse, Ingo Günther etc.), and the staff of Romanian television. Following this, the Media Research Foundation, in a cooperation with Béla Balázs Film Studio, produced a video "Mediology" which contained interviews with five of the conference speakers, and later in a cooperation with the Merve Verlag, Berlin, published Von Bürokratie zur Telekratie a collection of the lectures presented during the event.
In 1993, Linz-Ars Electronica Presents Itself marked the start of a successful cooperative effort with Budapest's Autumn Festival of the Arts that led to the MetaForum series of international conferences. The MetaForum 94' and MetaForum II presented many international lecturers, whose work was previously unknown in Hungary, as well as the work of many Hungarian theorists and artists. MetaForum 94' initiated a CD-ROM which will contain lectures and interviews conducted during MetaForum 94', MetaForum II and the forthcoming MetaForum III. In addition to the CD-ROM, the MetaForum homepage will continue to serve as a database for conference and related texts and materials.

The Media Research Foundation has functioned as an organizing body, and has actively sought cooperations with such institutions as: Soros Center for Contemporary Arts; Ministry of Culture and Education, Hungary; Béla Balázs Film Studio; Goethe Institute, Budapest; Austrian Cultural Institute, Budapest; Pro Helvetia, Budapest; British Council, Budapest; Dutch Embassy, Budapest etc.
While the Media Research Foundation has acted as a project oriented body, with little infrastructure, relying on volunteers and the support of the Intermedia Department and the Technical University, we plan to expand our activities to include a lecture series, workshops and film programs.
We have several projects planned for the near future, including a presentation of the Critical Art Ensemble in December of this year, a presentation of Berlin's Video Fest that will take place in April of 1996, in cooperation with the Goethe Institute, the organization of a joint aesthetic and art symposium Freiraum, that will take place in Austria during the summer of 1996. Additionally, we are planning the third and final MetaForum conference, which will be included in the MetaForum CD-ROM.


spring 1997. Freiraum symposium in Forchtenstein / Austria
Oct. 1996. MetaForum III. Under Construction - international conference on the content
Dec. 1995 Critical Art Ensemble lecture and presentation
Oct. 1995 MetaForum II. international conference on network communication Oct. 1994 MetaForum I. international conference on multimedia
Feb. 1994 Bilwet Datendandy lecture and presentation
Oct. 1993 the Linz Ars Electronica presents itself Sept. 1991 MR show in the Liget Gallery, Budapest
Oct. 1990 survey for Internews, New York on independent TV and radio stations
Sept. 1990 VR everywhere, lecture and presentation of virtual reality
Apr. 1990 The Media Were with Us - international conference on the role of television in the Rumanian revolution